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Services we offer​

Hyelclar is committed to making Agriculture a seamless venture. We are an agro-entrepreneural business that provides consultancy services for Farmers or Agric Entutiasts satisfying their Poultry, Fishery, Piggery and other farming needs. We also produce animal products, food crops etc. 

Poultry Farm Consultation

Hyelclar has established a fail proof system of running your poultry farm and having maximal yield. We are happy to share our knowledge with you to help you replicate our results on your poultry farm.

Crop Farm Management

We go all the way in ensuring the best crop yield from farms we manage in terms of production and consumption. We have fresh and processed farm produce such as Maize, Soy Bean etc

Fish Farm Management

Our fish production system has been recognized as a standard for effective fish farming across Nigeria. Our clients have been greatly successful, adopting this from us; you can be a happy Fish Farmer too.

Animal Feed Supplies

Hyelclar is a major distributor of quality animal feeds from standard companies in Nigeria. Ranging from poultry feeds, fish feed and feed for small ruminant too.


Our Products

Fish Pond Design/ Housing Facility.

Our pond designs have proven to be economical, effective and highly productive.They have been tested and approved.


Worry no more about healthy Chicken for consumption. Get your live or processed chicken from our standard farm; we employ best production practices with consumers in mind.

Maize Production

With practices backed up with research, soil testing  and a passion for wholesome farm products we produce enriched maize Fortified with Vit. E and we supply a wide range of customers

Fresh Fish

We’ve got it as fresh and healthy as you want.  Fish from the pond can be gotten from us at an affordable  rate.

Smoked Fish

Our flavoured smoked fish with high nutritive value, produced in our standard Fish Smoking Facility is a delicacy you would love to have.

Feed Supplies

We are major distributors of quality feed proven to be efficient in production 

WHO do we serve?

Our Customers

Our Clients / Customers include:


Fish and Poultry Farm Owners




Chicken/Fish Outlets.


Agric Startups




Subsistent Consumers


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Client Testimonial

Undergoing Hyelclar's Training was a massive shift for me business and career wise. My fears about poultry business were eradicated and complex processes were deconstructed. HYELCLAR has got good hands.
Pius Gana